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Pathways to Better Mental Health through Technology


We integrate the knowledge and lived experience of individuals represented in our research to ensure our work is meaningful, relevant, useful, and usable. 


We use best-evidence practices synthesizing the latest knowledge in the field ensuring the highest standards of scientific rigor are upheld.

Life Course

We take a life-course approach, acknowledging that mental health outcomes are often the result of a complex accumulation of experiences.

Dr. Theodore Cosco

“Addressing the complexities of mental health research requires equal parts innovation and persistence.”

"Our mission and passion is to find new ways for people to create sustainable habits to foster better mental health for their own lives."


Childhood & Adolescent Mental Health

In the context of rapid growth and development both physically and mentally, we investigate how long-term mental health challenges can be mitigated.

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Mid-Life Mental Health

In the context of work- and family-related stressors during mid-life, we investigate how particularly challenging times can be navigated.

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Older Adults

Older Adults’ Mental Health

In the context of age-related declines in physical and cognitive functioning, we investigate how to support older adults’ mental health using technology. 

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Knowledge Hub

Our knowledge sharing platform where you can find resources on the role of technology in positive mental health across the life-course.

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An elderly person measures their heart rate via wearable device and mobile app.